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Furkan Semih Dundar: la prima mail a L43

Lo studente turco della Normale di Pisa scrive al giornale.

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DOMANDA. Hi, this is Gabriella Colarusso, italian journalist working for the online daily newspaper Lettera43.it.
I would like to make you some questions about what happened in december and your expulsion from Italy.
Could we talk on Skype? Thanks, Gabriella

RISPOSTA. Cara Signora Gabriella Colarusso:

I was unaware of the news, I checked out the webpage of Corriere Della Sera after an email by one of their journalists and have seen the post.

I read the article there, and noticed serious typos.

But, do I want to defend myself? If I defend myself in here, I should also defend myself in the court. I am back to scientific research, I have no time for that.
But please do let me add a few humble observations of mine related to the turbulent state of the world.

The famous three monotheistic religions are religions of love. This is for sure. In the 21st century, the concept of love has collapsed, and this is the reason why the value systems both in East and the West are in deep trouble.
What has surpassed love is lust. The solution in which people (both Eastern and Western) will find peace, at least to my humble mind, is paganism. It is the religion that is suitable to existence multitude of personal life styles. Nietzsche has very good words.

You may notice that how I think and interpret is quite different from what the newspapers say. Let it be told in this way.

Although I was disappointed about Italians (and please do not think that I am not disappointed about Turks as well) as for the expulsion, I am grateful for the good wines, blueberry liquor and limoncetta.

This is all I would like to say. I would appreciate the absence of extra questions.

Con i migliori saluti,
Furkan Semih

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