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Furkan Semih Dundar: la quarta mail a L43

Lo studente turco della Normale di Pisa espulso dall'Italia scrive al giornale.

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La terma mail di Furkan Semih Dubdar a Lettera43.

DOMANDA. Just one thing: If you were stressed by the fact they followed you, why didn't you go to the police or leave the country on your own instead of 'writing provocative messages'?
RISPOSTA. It is a very good question. It deserves a clarification.

Of course I thought about it. If I went to talk with them at first, I thought I might be labelled as schizophrenic and that would be what they wanted not to give a residence permit. I wanted to solve the situation in a soft way. My first messages were always of the form 'if you think that I am a threat, then please arrest me.'

As for the second good question. Again I considered this option. However, I thought this situation would end I would continue my studies. There is also a very important part, I haven't told any journalist.
Bonus Section

The deeper reason why I didn't want to return to Turkey --and I am not in Turkey at the moment-- is that I was followed by, I think, the MIT (the Turkish secret service). I don't feel safe in Turkey. I have an unusual character and it all happens because of that.

In the apartment I used to stay in Ankara, I later on that, one of the guards of the prime minister (perhaps he was a MIT spy, who in general says they work in the prime ministry). As I mentioned before, I am an unusual person for the society though not among physicists. I study physics day and night, and I go to and come back from ODTU (my previous university). They might want to check that whether I am a lawful person, and for that purpose I understand the attitude of MIT. However, it did not end. It evolved into a personal issue for the one who is in charge of this situation in MIT. It was all about putting pressure on Furkan Semih and trying to castrate him. I was in the Arbat street in Moscow begging for some money, they even mocked me there. This is a verifiable statement. I am sure there were security cameras seing the street.

You may not be familiar with the 'ambulance torture.' The idea is psychological conditioning. When I was in Ankara, I was checking whether I would classify as a refugee at that time and connected to websites of embassies, an ambulance passed by. I was applying to an American university for a PhD, after I connected to the web site of US embassy to check for which type of visa I would need, I lost my internet connection. I was about the buy a plane ticket to Pisa, an ambulance. I step into the balcony, an ambulance. (That happened *many* times). In Pisa, I woke up around 2 am at night to wash my hands, an ambulance again. This was not the case before. It all intensified after some time. Do you think that in a village like Pisa which is no Istanbul or London, there would be about 15 ambulance sirens a day? What about the sirens after the midnight when there is virtually no traffic? These are good questions to think about.

All in all, I wanted to do my PhD in ODTU. Because of MIT, I thought about going abroad so that I could freely concentrate on my science. Unfortunately this was not the case. They are everywhere in Europe. They even murdered three Kurdish women in Paris!

Do I have any political dedication? No. I was the man who studied ADM formalism of general relativity in the summer of 2013 when all hell broke loose in Turkey.

Physicists are sometimes that unusual. I am glad that it all came to an end. Perhaps it was an extreme way to end it, but it worked.

F. Semih Dündar

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