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Furkan Semih Dundar: la seconda mail a L43

Lo studente turco della Normale di Pisa scrive al giornale.

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La seconda mail di Furkan Semih Dubdar recapitata da Lettera43.it.

DOMANDA. Grazie per la tua risposta. Please, can I ask you just two more things? Didn't you receive any order of deportation from Italian police? Did you leave Italy on your own free will? Thank you very much, Gabriella
RISPOSTA. Cara Signora Gabriella:

It was deportation with the accompany of three gentlemen. They treated myself very well, as it was the case in the Questura. Understanding the situation is one thing, application of the laws is another thing.
I didn't pay for the plane ticket and they had a free Istanbul holiday (=

Furkan Semih.

Bonus Section for the Suicide Bomber Story.

I witnessed that they used Google Translate which is very bad to translate Turkish. Then, they said that I wanted to explode myself in public places.
Because I was followed in the streets and everywhere --and I have noticed it from my first day of arrival on-- as if I am their enemy, one of the messages I wrote to CIA included a saying something like:
'Perhaps you thought that I was to explode myself in front of the US embassy. Do you think that I don't have anything to do in this world and think about you day and night?'

All I wanted to have was a peaceful mind to study without being treated as an enemy for no reason. Actually at first I wanted the help of the CIA thinking that they might perhaps resolve the issue. It is later on that I began writing provocative messages to various places to get myself arrested and hence to give this situation an end. I am glad that it has come to an end.

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