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Furkan Semih Dundar: la settima mail a L43

Lo studente turco della Normale di Pisa scrive al giornale.


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DOMANDA. You said they followed you. Why did they do it, on your opinion? Are you in contact with jihadist or other rebels groups, in Italy or Turkey?
RISPOSTA. Cara Signora Gabriella:

I attach a photograph of mine. The photos in the newspapers are boring apart from the one with the moustache with background of grapes.

No, I am only in contact with science, literature and philosophy. If I was really involved in such relations, I would not be deported but would be put in a prison for I don't know how many years.

The only unlawful thing I committed was to write false messages to end the situation I was in. It ended. I am glad.

The initial reason, as I said there was a guard police of prime minister (or a MIT spy) in my apartment (which I only learned near my departure from Ankara) it might have started as a usual check. As I explained before, it didn't end and they (MIT) didn't 'understand.' It evolved into a personal issue for them.

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