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Alex Zanardi about Rossi-Marquez duel: «Valentino, go and race in Valencia»

Zanardi, former F1 champion and now Paralympic sports star, gives some advice to the Doctor: «In sports and in life, you can do more than winning. You can prove to the world that trying is what you love, in spite of everything».

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Alex Zanardi.

According to Spanish press, the legend of Valentino Rossi has already fallen. El Pais writes: «Rossi da una patada a su leyenda», while Marca adds: «Se cae un ídolo».
Alex Zanardi, however, does not think that way at all. The former F1 champion and now Paralympic sports star, interviewed by (read the Italian version), explains why the Doctor has even the chance to do something better than winning in Valencia, during the last race of the MotoGp.
«In sports and in life, you can do even more. You can prove to the world that trying is what you love, in spite of everything. I'd like to see Valentino on track in Valencia, honouring his season with the best possible race. He can prove he has learned another life lesson and treasured it. He should do everything possible to bring to the fore his beautiful season, which remains brilliant».
«VALENTINO IS THE LAST OF THE GREAT SPORTING HEROES». The challenge is very difficult. «In his place», Zanardi admits, «I'm sure I wouldn't make it». But as a man «who loves good stories, that's what I want to see».
Zanardi criticizes Lorenzo and those who accuse Rossi to have sheltered behind his own fame: «Valentino is the last of the great sporting heroes. Thanks to him MotoGp became popular, and in a certain sense it's possible to say that Valentino pays half the salary to all the other pilots. This is not an excuse for him, of course. But it seems to me that many gentlemen missed an opportunity to keep quiet».

About the MotoGp 2015: «Valentino is 36 years old and he's a great champion. We live in a world where, in the words of Nelson Mandela, there is truly a great need of inspiration. And Valentino Rossi's season has been fabulous, regardless of the final victory».

About Valentino Rossi's career: «When Valentino left Ducati, he was backed up against the ropes. And yet, here he stands again, competing for the win. It's wonderful, and it is a shame that today we find ourselves talking about an incident that threatens to overshadow everything else. It's very sad».

About the Rossi-Marquez duel: «I found myself in a similar situation when I was a F1 pilot. At the end of the race, I would have taken my opponent by the neck. But there were wise people by my side who stopped me. Anyone would have been furious in Sepang, in the shoes of Valentino Rossi».

About Valentino Rossi's behavior: «You can forgive Valentino Rossi if, at his age, he's not able to bend rubbing his ears on the ground, as his younger opponents do during the Qualifying. You know that during the race Valentino will come out the same. But rightly, no one is willing to forgive him if he reacts to the provocation of a pilot who has just turned 20».

About the final race in Valencia: «It's very difficult to find serenity and regain concentration after Sepang. But this is the reason why Valentino Rossi is on the bike, while we are here talking about him. If it was that easy, we would do it in his place».



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