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Ashley Olsen murder, what we actually know

The Senegalese man arrested for the homicide admits his responsibility.

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Ashley Olsen.

Five days after the body of Ashley Olsen was found, the 35 years old Us citizen strangled in her apartment in Florence, a Senegalese man has now been arrested. The man admitted his responsibility, but he justified by claiming he didn't kill her on purpose.
He explained to the investigators that after he met the girl in a nightclub, they went to her place. A fight started following a sexual intercourse. He pushed her, and she beat the head. Only afterwards he strangled her, but only because he was trying to save her, as he said.
THE DNA'S TEST REVEALED DECISIVE. Conclusive DNA evidence brought to the capture of the man. The investigators had suspects on the Senegalese thanks to the cameras that filmed him near the house of Ms. Olsen, and the confirm arrived with the Dna.
Here is what we know so far about the so called “murder of Florence”.

1. Sex game? Theory not confirmed

Initially the inquiry pointed to the theory of a sex game with a tragical ending. This hypothesis has been excluded. «We didn't find any evidence confirming this theory», the investigators said, «but it is possible that the two were not lucid».

2. The victim let her murderer in

It is clear that Ms. Olsen knew her murderer. The victim let the Senegalese man in without any opposition. No forcing's signs have been found on the entrance door, and the theory of a robbery has been excluded from the beginning.

3. The mobile has never been found

The woman's mobile was never found in the search of the apartment. According to what emerged, Ms. Olsen's phone was switched off since Friday's morning, the day before her body was found.

4. Signs of tension with her friends

The woman was seen for the last time in a local the night between Thursday and Friday. She was with her friends and, according to a barmaid, they were having an argument. Ms Olsen was left alone before she went home.

5. The premeditated murder is excluded

Ms. Olsen's murder was not planned. The homicide grew up in a context of rapid evolution. The autopsy confirmed that the woman was killed with a wire, perhaps a Usb cable or with a necklace. No signs of fight were found on Ms. Olson's body.



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